Man charged with assaulting a minor downtown

By Evan Sernoffsky

Police arrested a man on a recent Saturday night after he allegedly assaulted a minor on 8th Avenue and Park Street in downtown Eugene.

John Paul Hubbard was seen shoving the victim to the ground and attempting to strike him by Downtown Guide Cory Brooks. The police were called and soon after witnesses saw a man they recognized as Hubbard on a bicycle in the area.

Hubbard is also being charged with possession of marijuana and has outstanding warrants for failure to appear in court for driving with a suspended license, police said.

The incident started when the victim, a 17-year-old Eugene resident, went to hang out with some friends at downtown’s Park Blocks. According to the victim, Hubbard and another unidentified man approached his friends and started harassing them. The victim said he told them to leave his friends alone and was hit in the head by Hubbard and knocked unconscious.

The victim said he no longer had his cell phone when he regained consciousness. He saw Hubbard nearby and approached him about his phone. Hubbard allegedly shoved him to the ground and was about to strike him when Brooks and another Downtown Guide arrived.

Police searched for Hubbard’s companion and questioned a man on 8th Avenue and Willamette Street shortly after the attack. After handcuffing the man and questioning him for several minutes, police let him go.

This article originally appeared here.


About evan1983

Evan Sernoffsky is a freelance journalist in Sacramento, California.
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