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Evan Sernoffsky is a freelance journalist in Sacramento, California.

Controversial Billboard gets Makeover

By Evan Sernoffsky Someone defaced The Foundation for Biomedical Research‘s billboard on the corner of Southeast 49th St. and Powell Boulevard. The imposing advertisement has caused a stir in Portland (see WW‘s blog: Do You Give a Rat’s A*#? April … Continue reading

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Train Hopper Finds Peace on the Rails

By Evan Sernoffsky The deafening sound of crashing metal carries for miles around Eugene’s train yard. Engines push and pull lines of freight cars. The slack between them yanks tight and one by one the cars cry out. “It sounds … Continue reading

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Defense details abuse child killer suffered in her own childhood

By Evan Sernoffsky When Angela McAnulty was only 5 years old her mother was stabbed 29 times. Defense attorney Ken Hadley described the unsolved murder of Nancy Feusi in an attempt to spare McAnulty’s life for the murder of her … Continue reading

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Mother, daughter see G.E.D. as ticket to better life

By Evan Sernoffsky The golden arches of McDonald’s, a few street lights, and a blank white billboard glow brightly in the early morning winter blackness on Highway 99 in Junction City. A mother and daughter stand at the bus stop … Continue reading

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Council exempts low-income residents from proposed tax

By Evan Sernoffsky The Eugene City Council voted 6-2 at a recent meeting in favor of an amendment to exempt low-income families from a proposed income tax to help out schools, and make the wealthy pay more. On May 17 … Continue reading

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Man charged with assaulting a minor downtown

By Evan Sernoffsky Police arrested a man on a recent Saturday night after he allegedly assaulted a minor on 8th Avenue and Park Street in downtown Eugene. John Paul Hubbard was seen shoving the victim to the ground and attempting … Continue reading

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Backyard chickens — from food source to family pet

By Evan Sernoffsky Some people have dogs, some people have cats and some people have chickens — that’s right, chickens. Backyard chickens are one of the most popular new fads in the sustainability movement, but some families are finding that … Continue reading

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